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Computational Finance


  • derivatives and structures pricing and analytics,
  • management and control of risk,
  • customization of OTC-products,
  • engineering of new deal types

require extremely fast and accurate mathematical solvers for instrument and portfolio analysis, a framework for quick instrument and deal type building and an open architecture for a seamless integration into the corporate finance systems.

The UnRisk consortium develops customized solutions for front- and back-offices relying on next generation architectures, development environments, methods and tools.

A typical advanced financial solution customer: Austrian Central Bank.

Our solution customers typically want to outsource specialized development, get complete know how packages and rely on long lasting partnerships.

Image- and Signal-Processing


  • detection of defects in images and signals,
  • inspection of prints (on paper or other materials and surfaces),
  • extraction oft features from images

require our comprehensive image- and signal analysis systems empowered by Fuzzy Logic. Together with FLLL and the SCCH we have been successfully working in this fields.

Show Case

Audio Inspector for Media Services.

Machine Learning and Data Mining


  • characterize business or technical processes,
  • predict quality from process features,
  • provide intelligent decision making support

we offer analysis services, project development, know how transfer packages based on our machine learning framework developed in cooperation with FLLL and SCCH.

We transfer machine learning know how packages to SCA Graphics and VOITH Paper.