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For whom it is

webMathematica is the clear choice for those, who want to add interactive calculations to the web. This unique technology enables web application makers to create web sites that allow users to compute and visualize results directly from a web browser.

What it is

webMathematica is a product that adds interactive calculations and visualization to a web site by integrating Mathematica with the latest web server technology.

Its technology

Based on the world's leading technical computing software and the proven Java Servlet technology, webMathematica is fully compatible with Mathematica and state-of-the-art, dynamic web systems.

Excellent detailed description: Wolfram Research

Examples of webMathematica

Pricing and licensing

webMathematica Professional

is for the development of intranet and internet sites. It offers convenient web access to specialized computations. Price:

Commercial EUR
per Mathematica kernel
(includes 1 year Premier Service)
Academic EUR
per Mathematica kernel
(includes 1 year Premier Service)

Prices are excl. VAT.

webMathematica Amateur

is for those who wish to showcase their work over the web. It is available to Premier Service subscribers free of charge.

Exploit our experience

webMathematica is a new technology. We have applied it in various applications including Mathematical Finance and e-Learning.

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