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technical computing for the grid

What it is

gridMathematica Server combines the power of the world's leading technical computing environment with modern computing clusters and grids to solve the most demanding problems in mathematics, science, engineering, and finance.

For whom it is

Typical uses of gridMathematica Server include bioinformatics applications, processing and analysis of large data sets, data mining, and large computations in physics, mathematics, and the life sciences.

Its technology

Based on the world's leading technical computing software and the Parallel Computing Toolkit, gridMathematica Server implements many parallel programming primitives and includes high-level commands for parallel execution of matrix operations, plotting, and other functions

Excellent detailed description: Wolfram Research


We combine forces with Dr. Maeder the maker of the Parallel Computing Toolkit.

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Pricing and licensing

A typical installation of gridMathematica involves

  • a license manager
  • 1 front end
  • 1 controlling kernel
  • 4 compute kernels
  • additional n * 16 compute kernels (n is the number of purchased grid units)


Prices are available on request.

Exploit our experience

gridMathematica is a new technology. We have tested it with our applications including the machine learning framework.